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Instant Cash Loans for Emergencies

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You need money right away but you don't know where to get it from? The instant cash loans are especially designed for emergencies. They are readily available in any of the large cities of South Africa. The really great thing is that you can compare products from different lenders online.

How do instant cash loans work

You should certainly start by comparing the products available to you.

This will take you only a few minutes when you use a specialised online service which offers instant quotes plus advice upon request. It is easy to go through the costs of the different loans and their respective interest rates. You will be able to pinpoint the most beneficial and affordable deal straight away.

It is now possible to apply for a cash loan over the web. You will just need proof of identity and a checking account in the bank. Lenders can ask for proof of employment as well. Generally, you can gather the documents in minutes. After you submit your application, the lender will review it quickly. Usually, even people who have been blacklisted can get approved as long as they have a salary. You can expect to be approved within hours. The credit extended to you will typically be in your account on the next day, but it may be available sooner as well.

In most cases, the salary of the borrower is the collateral for instant cash loans. If you cannot repay your debt, you can request extension of the loan. This option is available from most lenders but it will push the overall cost considerably. Hence, you need to make sure that you will borrow only as much as you need.